Fashion week ready


After New-York, London and Milan, the fashion week is about to start in Paris. Every model, editor and of course blogger of the world will celebrate fashion in the city of lights. I can’t wait to see all the shows and all the new collections since my favorite designers are French. However, I saw the Dolce Gabanna’ show yesterday and I have to say that Italiens knows how to set up a party! Did you see the giant dinner in the middle of the most luxurious street of Milan, Via Napoleone? Majestic! This is what I actually love about fashion week. It is the moment when the designers express themselves in the most crazy but in a truly genuine way.

Et voilà la planète mode à elle aussi fais sa rentrée! D’ailleurs après New-York, Londres et Milan, les fashionistas et autres socialites du monde entier vont se donner rendez-vous pour la semaine de la mode parisienne. Alors me voilà prête à arpenter les rues, à braver les pavés de Paris stilettos aux pieds pour participer à ce festival du glamour! 

Top: Iris and Ink

Sunnies: Givenchy via EasyLunettes

Skirt: H&M

Bag: Monki via Asos

Boots: Mi-Mai










lacouleurdumoment_11   lacouleurdumoment_14

lacouleurdumoment_18 lacouleurdumoment_19



Photos by Edward Berthelot 


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