Hunting treasures in Marrakech

Marrakech is always a good idea, so when Allianz invited me to visit again the red city I just couldn’t say no! This city is really a little gem in the middle of the desert and I love to go back each time I have the occasion. Each time I have the chance to discover a new place, I try a restaurant and discover a new designer and so my favorite thing to do in Marrakech had become  » hunting treasures!

During this weekend, I had the chance to attend the 2nd edition of the formula E, which is a race similar to Formula 1 but with an electric car. Indeed, Marrakech has become one of the cities that encourage and promote the global climate action when it hosted the Cope 21 in 2016. And oh you will not believe that, Leonardo Di Caprio and Orlando Bloom were there too, unbelievable, it seems that Marrakesh is really trendy right now.

The day after the race we went for a walk in the medina with the Allianz team and since they just started their own clothing collection I had to find the best boutiques in town.

We started our tour in the   » Rahba Lakdima” square, which is a place where you can find the typical Moroccan handcrafts such as baskets, rugs and jewels. I like this square because from there, you are able to visit the whole medina and it is also a nice place to shop and to enjoy a mint tea while watching the sunset on the rooftop of Café des Épices or Nomad.

Also if you like curious animals be prepare to observe some chameleon and discover a different kind of snail recipes than the French one. The square really look like a small circus, and if it seems strange to you, we in Morocco like to have parakeets or turles at home because it brings good luck!

After that, we went to  “Souk cherifia” “Café des créateurs” witch is a kind of a « gallery » with many different designers who have in comment the ambition of mixing the Moroccan culture with the modern style.

Some of them like Bazarkech have a really sustainable production since they reused old fabrics for their clothes.

I really liked this caftan, I can easely style it on a pair of jeans with a tee shirt for a very gyspy look, what do you think?

Also I found at “The Henna Store” organic and homemade hair and skin products. I adore the argan oil and this time I bought some castor oil to help my hair growth, I will let you know you if it works well 😉

Then we went to Max & Jane one of the biggest concept store in the Medina and with its big pink wall you cannot miss it. On the inside you will find a bazaar of clothes, sunglasses, arts, furniture all very original and unique.

Then we continued our tour through the narrow streets of the medina to Chabi-Chic an address that I highly recommend you if you are looking for cockery with a Moroccan twist.

I took a set of pots that I putted in my bathroom to use it for my make up brushes and I like to have a little Moroccan touch in my interior since it is a very bohemian style. In Marrakech you can explore different word in the same street, from leather bags, to straw baskets, rugs and fantastic food, a real mix of the Moroccan tradition!

Now you have a guide to explore the city of Marrakesh when it comes to Fashion and Lifestyle and I hope that I helped you planning your next trip and finding your own little treasure!


More tips…

My favorite spots in Marrakesh (so far) 

-Café de la poste


-Terrasse des Epices

-Café des Epices

-Al Ain restaurant du Fairmont


-Le jardin

-Riad El Fen

I was Wearing :

Top : Allianz

Cardigan : Allianz

Scarf : Allianz


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