Tell me who you follow and I’ll tell you who you are

      One day I tried on facebook an app that analyze your account and reveals your real personality. By your likes, your comments, your profile datas, facebook tells you who you are. So, I made the test, and obviously facebook was right. It was almost like reading my horoscope ( it’s everytime « soooo truuuuee » even if the magazine date is auguste 2008). But I wondered how normal it becomes, to analyse the profils of our friends to see where they have been and the movies they saw. So just like you, I used to share my travel’s photos, music and nice quote on my facebook. And now I’m doing the same but in a different way on my blog. Because for me it was the right way to start speaking about one of my passion, fashion, with the aim to belong one day to that world wich fascinates me. However now that I accept, know and like  sharing moments of my life with you dear readers (it’s the @generation right?) I start sharing it in a funny and lovely way, by posting on Instagram! Everyone knows it ? It’s the app where your meal become a piece of art, and I am addicted. So let me present you my fav instagramers!

Rihanna: @badgalriri
Wanna see a trash pop-star?

Olivia Palermo: @Oliviapalermo
Girl your so well dressed!

Ivan Rodic alias Facehunter: @facehunter
One day, one city, one top model

Eleonora Carisi: @Eleonora_grazia_it
Socialite and italian it-girl

Sofia El Arabi: @fashionbackchic
Lights, colors, food, fashion from morocco

Miroslava Duma: @miraduma
THE fashion blogger

And you who do you follow?


My Instagram : @Sofyabenzakour


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