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My name is Sofya Benzakour, I am a Moroccan fashion blogger and architect living in Paris. I started my blog La couleur du moment two years ago, when I was in Milan for an academic exchange. I wanted to share my journey with my friends by posting all of my photos. In the meantime, I also posted my looks and my blog has been spotted by Moroccan magazines such as L’Officiel Maroc and Femmes du Maroc. I am a very curious and creative person who likes trying new things, and meet new people. I’m living in Paris since five years for my studies and I enjoyed travelling from Barcelona, to Lisbon, and from Helsinki to London. Now that I have graduated, I am working in an architecture agency and I still share with my followers my passion for beautiful interiors, and my interest in everything that touches design. Hope you will enjoy it!

Why « La couleur du moment »?

(La couleur du moment is a French expression that means the hit colour or must have colour)
Because you will find some very colorful (or not) pictures of my life.



  1. Irene Laura Buffa 2 mars 2013

    ur blog looks amazing dear! I like the new style 🙂

  2. The Milano Mode 20 mars 2013

    such a great blog & style!
    what about following each other?

    xx the milano mode

  3. Jessica 29 mars 2013

    nice blog!

  4. antapal 13 juillet 2013

    loove ur blog!what do you say we follow each other? check out my blog and let me know.


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